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In the Hand of Horace Greeley  

Kamakura Pens's very own Ron Dutcher publishes In the Hand of Horace Greeley. While doing research on the Mark Twain biography Dutcher stumbled upon some fascinating information about Greeley, the man and his pens.

The illustrated book is availble now at

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The Pens That Made Lincoln  

Kamakura Pens's very own Ron Dutcher publishes The Pens that Made Lincoln. The content started out here on the Presidential Pens pages, but the book includes several years more research and stories about Lincoln and his pens.

The illustrated book is availble now at

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George Kovalenko Pen Smith   George Kovalenko publishes his book. My good friend George has spent about a decade into researching, compiling and writing his book is titled "Fountain Pen Patents 1911 to the 50s: An Index Of The Later Pensmiths" If you are a serious pen collector then you are going ot want this book. To learn more, click here

Ron Dutcher of Kamakura Pens publishes in the next issue of the Pennant.
Our article is about a very rare pen, the 1920's Waterman motled hard rubber Wacom Stylus. You wil have to check out the article.

If you do not already know, the Pennant is the publication for the Pen Collectors of America, of which We are proud members. If you are not already a member, please check it out.


Sailor releases its 95th Aniversary fountain pen, named the Realo. In Japanese the name is pronounced "Ree Ah Row" and sounds much better than the English name.

Sailor Fountain Pen Set   The pen is based on Sailor's popular 1911 line (known as the Profit line in Japan)
  Sailor Realo 1

Sailor is releasing 500 pieces of this limited edition fountain pen set. As we understand it, they will only be available to the Japanese market. What I find most attractive about the set is the custom fountain pen carrying pouch. It is very similar to antique Japanese kimono pouches, that the first Japanese fountain pen users attached to their obi sashes back in the 1920's. Unlike most Sailor pens, this pen is a true piston filler, quite similar to Montblanc pens.

Sailor Realo Fountain Pen



Kamakura Pens consults for Universal Studios

Universal Studios   Over the last several Weeks Kamakura Pens has been consulting with the Univeral Studios Props department about fountain pens used by the Japanese during the Taisho era (early 1920's) We can't say much about the project, but it is very exciting.


Pilot Releases the new Legaransu89 (I assume that this name is a Japanese katakana for a French translation of "The Elegance" in any case, the name sounds much better in Japanese than it does in English)

The pen comes in Red, Blue, Black and Brown with 14k Rhodium nibs and chrome trim. The price in Japan is about $150.

Pilot Legaransu Fountain Pen

Earthquake Rocks Wajima
On Sunday, Mar 25 a powerful 6.9-magnitude earthquake rocked Japan, killing one person and injuring at least 162 others as homes were reduced to rubble and roads destroyed. As many fountain pen collectors know, Wajima is the center of the modern maki-e pen world.

  Wajima Earthquake Site of Maki-e Pens

Over the weekend I contacted the artist who made the General Grant and Mikaeri Bijin Kamakura pens. He and his family are fine and well. Their home and studio suffered no serious dammage, but he is worried about his suppliers. There will likely be a lull in Limited Edition Maki-e fountain pens this year.


Mont Blanc George Washington Fountain Pen  

Montblanc raises $20,000 for the National Archives by auctioning a one of a kind George Washington Presidential Limited Edition Fountain pen

In celebration of the new, limited edition series of writing instruments, “America’s Signatures for Freedom,” Montblanc will help raise funds for the Foundation for the National Archives, which supports the creation and implementation of programs and exhibits for the National Archives including those at the Presidential Libraries.

The George Washington Limited Edition, will be auctioned with high quality facsimiles of original documents authored by the first president of the United States: his Oath of Allegiance signed at the battle of Valley Forge, and his First Inaugural Address.


The auction was held on ebay and finished on March 12th. The auction only attracted three bids, but the final bid was $20,600

Parker Duofold Fountain Pen  

David Shepherd and Dan Zazove publish a new book dedicated to an American icon: The Parker Duofold Fountain Pen. It is simply a lovely book, well researched, written and profusely illustrated. It is a must have book for anyone interested in Parker Fountain Pens. For more information check out the Parker Fountain Pen Homepage at


"If eBay had a Nobel Prize, Kamakura Pens would win it."
Guy Lesser, Harpers Magazine


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A Note about the Archives

Most of these fountain pen projects started out simply as a way to satisfy my own curriosity about the old pens that I found. I would place my notes on the web so I would not have to carry all of my notebooks to the library, I could simply use their computers to check my notes online. But then people started to find my notes and wrote to me with questions and tips. I see these projects as a community effort, and if you contribute, I will surely give you a link to your site and your much deserved credit.

One questin I am often asked is where do I find the time to do all this work. The truth is that I care for a very sick child during the day, my son Renfield and from home I consult for Shimadzu and their digital X-ray systems. This eats up most of my day, but often I suffer from insomnia, and I would rather sift through old records late into the night and into the morning instead of watching Japanese television. If you ever lived in Japan then you might know that Japan has some weird programs during these wee hours.

Please use the information you find here freely, but if you publish anything or use the information in your ebay auction descriptions that was found in our archives, then please leave a link or credit the kamakura pens site.

Stay Well,

Dr. Ron Dutcher


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